The outcome 24.11: Passion for bizwise, fires in Israel

Итоги 24.11: Страсти по безвизу, пожары в Израиле

In Brussels hosted the summit Ukraine-EU presents the main events of yesterday.

In Brussels passed the summit Ukraine-EU. Among the main issues

the granting Ukraine visa-free regime with the EU.

In Brussels on 24 November began the next, the eighteenth summit Ukraine-EU. Ukrainian delegation was headed by President Petro Poroshenko.

The European side was represented a group of senior officials, including the presidents of the European Council Donald Tusk, European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, of the European Parliament Martin Schultz, high representative of the Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini.

Before the summit President of the European Parliament stated that the decision on bezveze for Ukraine blocks France (because of the upcoming elections) and Belgium, Germany, Italy and other countries.

Note, a reporter for Radio Liberty in Brussels Rikard Jozwiak said on Twitter that the EU could postpone the introduction of visa-free regime with Ukraine until may 2017.

“There is no certainty that agreement on the mechanism for suspension of visa-free regimes can be achieved in 2016. You may have to wait until when elections will be held in France in April-may,” he wrote.

After the summit Ukraine-EU President of the European Commission stated that Ukraine must obtain a visa-free regime with the EU until the end of the year.

“We need to provide visa liberalization for Ukraine until the end of the year,” said Juncker at a press conference.

The politician noted that “further delays are unacceptable”.

Later it became known that Tusk and Juncker announced the agreement of France and Germany to unblock the visa regime for Ukraine.

“As for France (and the fact that it blocks bezviz) is not true,” said Tusk.

“Nobody in the EU is not interested in blocking bezveza for Ukraine”, – said the President of the European Council.

Juncker also admitted that there are certain problems, but on Thursday morning, November 24 they were removed.

At the summit, Poroshenko said that the Ukrainian delegation had asked “tough questions”, and she asked the European Union of its obligations in the issue of visa-free regime.

“Typically difficult questions were put Ukraine on the implementation of commitments. I can say that today, during today’s summit Ukraine was not asked a single question. Ukraine clearly and in full has fulfilled all its obligations”, – said Poroshenko.

Putin made a joke about “the boundless” the borders of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin joked about the length of Russia’s borders. During the awards ceremony of the Russian geographical society, Putin presented the 9-year-old Miroslav, Oskirko, who won television show of geography.

Putin asked the baby where it ends. The boy replied that “the border of Russia ends in the Bering Strait from the United States.”

“The border Russia never ends,” responded the President.


Hungary decided to cancel the fee for visas for Ukrainians

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman after meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that Hungary has decided to cancel fees for national visas for Ukrainian citizens.

As you know, national visas are issued for study at University, travel, work activities, participation in sports and cultural activities, family reunion.

For tourist trips to Hungary it will be necessary to issue a Schengen visa and pay the appropriate cost.

The NBU said about the importance of a new IMF tranche

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva said that the prolongation of the pause in international financial support for Ukraine will lead to a loss of reserves and threaten macroeconomic stability.

“If we continue cooperation (with the IMF – ed.) in early next year, it is not so scary, but if we don’t do that… I want everyone to understand that if today we have reserves of 15.5 billion dollars, we will start to lose reserves each day, she said at a meeting of the NBU Council.

Ukraine billed for the return of the aircraft Belavia

The airline Belavia has put Ukraine account for the return of his plane at the airport Zhulyany October 21.

“The amount of compensation for the return of the Board agreed and she, incidentally, is slightly reduced compared to the original” – said the Deputy head of marketing and foreign economic activity of the airline Igor Cherginets.

We will remind, on October 21 Belavia flight back to Kiev threatened to raise the fighters. After planting was removed one passenger. It is noteworthy that President Poroshenko apologized to Lukashenko for the incident.

In the Crimea continue to find Ukrainian saboteurs

Employees of the Russian FSB detained in Sevastopol, former soldier of the black sea fleet headquarters, which allegedly on the instructions of the intelligence Ministry of defense of Ukraine was gathering intelligence on the activities of the fleet.

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine called another provocative information about the detainee in Sevastopol, the alleged spy, carrying out tasks of the Main intelligence Directorate. “No staff of the Ukrainian intelligence officer, a Ukrainian soldier, Russian special services detained”, – said the speaker of the defense Ministry Andrey Lysenko on Thursday, November 24.

The EU has pledged 16 million euros for the fight against corruption in Ukraine

Ukraine and the European Union on Thursday, November 24, at the summit Ukraine-EU in Brussels signed an agreement on the financing of the activities of the Anticorruption initiative of the EU in Ukraine for the sum more than 16 million euros.

Means you want to aim at strengthening the capacity of public authorities responsible for the fight against corruption and ensuring the integrity of employees of other institutions and organs of justice.

Israel captured the fires

In Haifa (Israel) because of the strong fire evacuated about 50 thousand people. Among the possible causes of fires announced a long drought, strong winds and fires.

Later, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the fires in Israel will be regarded as terror, and the reaction to them would be appropriate.

In turn, the interior Minister of Israel Gilad Erdan said that “it’s already pretty obvious that some of the fires are the result of arson”.

In Kiev, recorded the appearance of Hong Kong influenza

Metropolitan municipality has declared the spread of the virus the Hong Kong flu in Kiev.

“In Kiev was the overwhelming circulation of influenza A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 (H3N2) that was predicted in the epidemic season of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections 2016-2017”, – stated in the message.

The incidence rate of population in the city increased compared to the previous week to 6.2 percent. All hospitalized 95 people, including 64 children.

The abolition of visas with Europe

Klimkin has criticized the European Union over gas and visas

Poroshenko: On the summit, we asked the questions, not the EU

Tusk: Hollande and Merkel agree on Ukraine bizviz

Juncker was asked to give bezviz Ukraine until the end of the year

Hungary cancels a fee for Nativity for Ukrainians