The outcome document of the summit Ukraine-EU is not signed

Итоговый документ саммита Украина-ЕС не подписали

Kiev hosted the 19th summit Ukraine-EU

In the presidential Administration explained that the Declaration was not adopted for lack of consensus between the parties.

Deputy head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Kostiantyn Yeliseyev said on channel 5 that the final Declaration of the summit Ukraine-EU was not adopted for lack of consensus.

“I’m a little not satisfied that all notice was or was not the final document, the Declaration. However, attempts have been made to work out a joint document is the normal situation when there is no consensus. In this case, the draft policy document, unfortunately, did not go beyond those ambitions, which are incorporated in the text of the Association Agreement”, − he stressed.

Yeliseyev noted that since the draft final Declaration failed to commit the more visionary the goals, the parties “decided to concentrate on more specific results, those specific steps that will allow Ukrainian citizens to obtain all the benefits from European integration”.

Recall, July 13, Kyiv hosted the 19th summit Ukraine-EU. President Petro Poroshenko said he was pleased with his results, since, according to him, the summit clearly confirmed the willingness of Ukraine to move towards the European Union.

Poroshenko discussed with EU leaders “the Marshall plan”