The outrage of the nationalists. The barricades and the defeat of the court

Беспредел националистов. Баррикады и разгром суда

OUN activists in Sviatoshyn court

In the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev supporters of the OUN decided to judge yourself.

Ukraine defeated the courthouse, which was to elect a measure of restraint for one of the leaders of the nationalist organization.

In the end, the police managed to bring the situation under control and arrest the bullies. But is it possible now to rely on an objective consideration of the case, one more question.

Shooting in the city

21 October in Kiev near the metro station “Akademgorodok” militiamen detained the commander of the volunteer battalion OUN Nikolay Kohanivsky after the shooting and collision with Ruslan Camalou Callsign “Rambo”, in which both were injured.

Have Kohanivsky say that he was provoked, but Kazmaly tangential wounds of the back and legs.

Firearms have Kohanivsky was not.

Barricades in court

Yesterday in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev began to consider the case Kochanowski because of the shooting and had to elect him a measure of restraint. A break in the meeting supporters of the activist blocked the courtroom, to prevent law enforcement officers who were obliged to take Kohanivsky in the detention center.

Because of these clashes in the courtroom, the judge decided to postpone it to the next day at 9:30 in the morning.

The activists decided to remain in the courtroom until the morning and continued to block the room. Supporters Kochanowski broke Windows and damaged the property of the court. Reacting to this, police used gas. Nationalists first left the courthouse, but soon returned and began to completely destroy the furniture in the courtroom.

On Tuesday morning has been blocked and destroyed two of the courtroom, the integrity of the courthouse was broken.

In the end, the police stormed blocked by Kochanowski supporters of the building of the Svyatoshinsky court. Law enforcement officers dismantled the barricade at the entrance to the meeting room and began to detain those who barricaded themselves in the room.

As a result of the assault was arrested 30 people, they were taken to the Shevchenkivsky district police Department. As it turned out, one of the participants in the events in Svyatoshynsky district court, was wanted for false report about mining of the colony.

The building of the Svyatoshinsky district court was damaged in 500 thousand hryvnias.

Kohanivsky bad

Then the leader of the OUN became ill and the meeting was adjourned for examination Kohanivsky.

A number of MPs said that they are ready to bail Kohanivsky.

The initiative proved particularly MPs from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk, Andrei Lozovoi, Dmitry Linko, the people’s Deputy from “Batkivshchyna” Igor Lutsenko, as well as dissident Stepan Khmara and the Deputy of Brovary city Council and Professor Oleg odnorozhenko.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko declares “party ships” and pogroms, but admits that against the commander Kohanivsky, the court will elect a measure not involving detention.

“The situation in the Svyatoshinsky court was not easy. And that’s another important point, which needs to go signal: one law for all… Instead of the court to make the decision no one has the right… the more it (Kohanivsky) party. We can not allow the precedent of party ships,” – said Lutsenko.

He recalled the incident conflict between the ATO and the commander of the “Volunteer battalion OUN” and the development of the situation.

“Mr. Kohanivsky was charged with suspicion, he refused to sign it. After that it was re-used,” – said Lutsenko and explained that since the presentation of the first and second suspicion, it should take no more than 72 hours to Kohanivsky could get out of the courtroom.

“…72 hours will come tonight. Yesterday he could not de jure be free… Kohanivsky at least until today, should be in the hands of justice, in prison,” he added.

While Lutsenko said: “This does not mean that I know what will be the decision of the court. I’m even inclined to believe that the court will leave it outside the jail, under one of the other preventive measures – bail, bail-or even the night of the arrest. The court will decide”.

In light of what is happening in the Svyatoshinsky regional court the public Prosecutor appealed to supporters Kohanivsky, including some MPs:

“I urge everyone … turn to Igor Mosiychuk (the people’s Deputy from the faction of the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko – ed.), OUN, volunteers, Igor Lutsenko (MP of the faction “Batkivshchyna” – ed.) – the lower the degree, not to put personal and party interests above country. Party riots, party verdicts it is necessary to cancel”.

Ultimately, the court Kohanivsky released from custody.

Anarchy and chaos

No one should be allowed to block the courtroom, set up barricades, damage and destroy property and to convert the trial actually in the bunkhouse, said the lawyer Alexander Musienko. “This has nothing to do with the Constitutional right to protest. In addition, such actions violate the right of other citizens. The court room is not a hotel nor a hostel and not the hostel where you can stay the night. There are the offices of the judge, the archive office, where the case”, – stressed the lawyer.

According to MP Andriy Teteruk, such actions of the nationalists kill themselves.

“The only thing that bothers in this situation, but their behavior is that this situation is not conclusions. Committed a crime or offense, the answer for this. Otherwise, it is the most heinous behavior homeboys, not a citizen of Ukraine”.