The overabundance of sleep is more dangerous than lack of sleep – scientists

Переизбыток сна опаснее недосыпа - ученые

Improper sleep, and too long rest increases the risk of death from heart attack.

Scientists learned that excess sleep is even more dangerous than lack of sleep. The results of the study appeared on the MedicalXpress.

At the University of Colorado at boulder experts say that improper sleep can develop problems with the heart. The problem can affect even those who lead a healthy lifestyle and sports.

Specialists conducted a seven year study on sleep mode. Scientists examined the genetic and medical data 461 thousand people aged 40 to 69 years who have never had a heart attack.

It turned out that when you sleep less than six hours, people are 20% more at risk of a heart attack. In this case, if the sleep time increased to more than nine hours the probability of heart attack increases by 34%. Also too long sleep can lead to inflammatory processes in the body.

Scientists advised to sleep six to nine hours. This mode reduces the risk of heart attack in genetically predisposed to heart disease of people by 18%.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found a link between women’s snoring and Oncology. Also the Correspondent wrote that the cause has been found chronic fatigue.

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