The overnight work deadly for women scientists

Работа ночью смертельно опасна для женщин – ученые

Working at night increases the risk of cancer

Night schedule in women increases the risk of developing breast cancer to 80 percent.

Night work represents a lethal threat to women. We are talking about a 10-hour night shift for more than three nights a week. To such conclusion scientists from Canada, reports MedicalXpress.

According to the study, which was attended by 13 thousand women aged 55 to 59 years old from Canada, Australia, France, Spain and Germany, such a schedule increases the risk of developing breast cancer to 80%.

Scientists believe that working at night interrupts the production of melatonin in women, which has an antitumor effect.

As a result, 6.1 thousand subjects were diagnosed with cancer of the breast. At the same time to restore the production of melatonin after the dismissal, the woman will need two years.

We will remind, earlier in Austria have legalized the 12-hour working day. The head of the Ministry of health Suprun told how to make this process as comfortable as possible and not to quit.

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