The owner of Intraco said that did not create the company for Poroshenko, since he has his own interests

Владелец Intraco заявил, что не создавал компании для Порошенко, поскольку у него есть собственные интересы

The owner of Intraco Management company Limited, the Deputy General Director of Roshen Sergei Zaitsev did not create the company in the interests of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. He declared it in interview “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“I had transported several media inquiries on this topic. Answer: no, not true (did not create the company in the interests of Poroshenko – ed.). Simply put, I have been and, God willing, will be own business interests and projects in which I created different companies”, – he told, answering a corresponding question of journalists.

While Zaitsev said that is really very long is familiar with Poroshenko. “In the early nineties we had some joint initiatives, many years I’m in charge of foreign economic unit (raw materials) on Roshen and are a minority shareholder of the company. And that’s the connection with Petro Poroshenko, also before he became President,” – said Zaitsev.

Zaitsev also said that Roshen he organizes direct purchase of cocoa beans from Cargill and other suppliers, for yourself – trade in futures and options.

“At some point I began to consider alternatives: trade in shares and bonds, lending, Charter air transport, for example,” – he added.

As reported, the international consortium of journalistic investigations (ICIJ) has published another batch of data on offshore companies. In the “compare list” was 165 citizens of Ukraine who have registered 195 firms in offshore zones.

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The most controversial offshore on the list was known to and this company Intraco Management Ltd. Earlier, the Ukrainian and the British media claimed that it is associated with Igor Kononenko and Petro Poroshenko. Published documents that it is this offshore company paid for the stay and study abroad daughter Kononenko, as well as flights by Charter Poroshenko, when he became President. In addition, the company has been seen in various questionable transactions. In particular, according to the League.No, she used to buy gas in the fall of 2014 the subsidiary of the Russian “Gazprom”. Kononenko then rejected Poroshenko and his involvement in Intraco Management Ltd.

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