The owner of the burned-out nursing homes near Kiev has previously worked in Brovary hospital

Владелец сгоревшего дома престарелых под Киевом ранее работал в Броварской больнице

The owner of the nursing home in litochky worked in Brovary hospital. This was announced by the chief doctor Valentin Bagnyuk, says “UNN”.

According to him, now he doesn’t work there.

“He’s moonlighting. Was an Intern. He is a surgeon. Four years ago, left us in the Institute of traumatology and orthopedics”, – he said.

The chief doctor also said that the father of the owner of the home for the elderly works in Brovary hospital.

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As reported, last night in the village of M Brovary district burned a private two-story nursing home, as a result of fire killed 17 people. During the investigation it was established that in this house a private entrepreneur organized accommodation for the elderly on contractual terms.

Information about the fire was received by the local fire brigade at 03:43, in Service of rescue of Kiev region – at 03:48. Initially to extinguish the fire were attracted by the local fire brigade from nearby settlements. Just on the scene worked 28 pieces of equipment and more than 150 people. The fire was localized at 05:25 and liquidated at 08:25. Rescued 18 people, including 5 people with burns of different severity were hospitalized in hospital. At the fire scene found the bodies of 17 people. At 13:53 search and rescue operations were completed.