The ozone hole will disappear by 2060. That helped

Озоновые дыры исчезнут к 2060 году. Что помогло

The ozone hole will soon be delayed forever

The destruction of the ozone layer led to serious consequences – from increase in cases of skin cancer in people before the death of the phytoplankton and marine animals.

The Earth’s ozone layer is fully restored on the planet by 2060, estimated by the world meteorological organization.

Without the ozone layer Earth defenseless against ultraviolet solar radiation. And the ozone hole over Antarctica is one of the serious threats to the global ecosystem. Корреспондент.net tells details.

The ozone hole is delayed

The Earth’s ozone layer since 2000, is restored by 1-3 percent per decade. The pace in the Northern hemisphere, the ozone layer will fully recover by 2030-th year, and all over the planet by 2060.

These findings released by the world meteorological organization at the next meeting of the parties to the Protocol.

So, this year the ozone hole over the South pole was reduced to 24.8 million square kilometers. The largest area she had was in 2006, is 29.6 million.

Remained 12 years. Catastrophic melting of the poles

In the 1970’s, scientists from the U.S. found that some chemicals used in industry, are destroying the Earth’s ozone layer that absorbs dangerous for living organisms of the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun.

Ozone depletion was associated with exposure to substances group chlorofluorocarbons, the most famous being band of CFCs used as solvents and refrigerants.

If in the lower layers they retain their state, in the middle layers of the stratosphere by ultraviolet radiation disintegrate, releasing chlorine, which destroys ozone (triatomic oxygen molecule).

Scientists Frank Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina, who discovered the feature, received the Nobel prize in chemistry.


Helped the Montreal agreement

The ozone hole was first discovered over Antarctica in the 1980-ies. Every August she appeared, and in December-January was delayed. Over the Northern hemisphere in the Arctic autumn and winter open numerous ozone mini-holes.

It soon became clear that its destruction will lead to serious consequences – from increase in cases of skin cancer in people before the death of the phytoplankton and marine animals, and damage crops.

In 1985 was designed by the Montreal Protocol, which set the time within Katerynoslav that Deplete the ozone layer shall be phased out and eliminated from use. It entered into force on 1 January 1989.

So, chlorine – and bromine-containing peony replaced by other substances, such as fluorinated freons, which do not react with ozone.

However, given that the atmosphere has already accumulated a huge amount of ozone-depleting substances that can exist for decades, this process has stretched on for many years.

Experts note that the elimination of the use of ozone-depleting substances is also helping in the fight against climate change, since many chemical substances controlled by the Treaty also recognized the sources of global warming.

Озоновые дыры исчезнут к 2060 году. Что помогло
Birr ozone over Antarctica in 2001 / NASA

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan says that “perhaps the only very successful international agreement can be considered as the Montreal Protocol”. 196 member States of the UN ratified the initial version of the document.

As stated in the world meteorological organization this month, thanks to the Montreal Protocol the ozone layer is recovering.

It also noted that from 1 January 2019 will come into force the amendment of the Protocol limiting the production of hydrofluorocarbons, and ozone safe compounds that were potent greenhouse gases.

According to their estimates, this amendment, with maximum participation of countries (currently 58) to avoid global average temperature increases by 0.4 degrees Celsius.


Asia continues to destroy the ozone

Despite the restrictions of the Montreal Protocol, in fact, the production of hazardous to the ozone layer refrigerants are stopped not everywhere, the report stresses: in the spring of 2018, scientists reported the increase in emissions, which is associated with the unregistered production in Asia.

They were discovered by specialists from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration.

Given the circulation of the atmosphere the researchers found that the emission source is located somewhere in Eastern Asia between China, Mongolia and Korea.

At the end of June, the New York Times conducted its own investigation and suggested that the emissions trichlorfluormethane happen in China, where it is used as, for example, blowing means.

Speaking as buyers, environmentalists have achieved recognition of Chinese manufacturers into using this substance at least 18 plants located in ten Chinese provinces. However, the responsibility of anyone yet to attract failed. These emissions can significantly delay the recovery of the ozone layer.


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