The parliamentary coalition has de-facto does not exist media

Парламентской коалиции де-факто не существует - СМИ

In Parliament there is no more coalition, write media

Edition Country conducted a survey of MPs which showed the lack of the necessary majority.

The European choice coalition in the Verkhovna Rada ceased to exist, the newspaper reports the Country with reference to the results of your survey.

According to the publication, on 28 February the parliamentary majority, there were a maximum of 224 votes with 226 needed.

We will remind, according to the latest figures, which were announced by the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy in mid-February, the parliamentary majority consists of at least 227 people’s deputies. It is of the BPP (140 deputies, according to official figures on the Council website) and the popular front (81) and independent MPs.

The newspaper informs that on the eve sent to all MPs in official requests to answer the question of whether they are in the coalition European choice.

“We have received answers both individually and as a whole from factions and Deputy groups. The conclusion is clear: the coalition in Parliament. As it is not considered – pofraktsionno or individually,” writes the Country.

According to the publication, the popular front said that all the deputies are in the coalition. The BPP three deputies – Sergey Kaplin, Alexander Sugonyako and Andrew Antonischak – confirmed that the written statement of withdrawal from the coalition and did not consider themselves members. Members of all other factions and groups confirmed that they are members of the coalition.

Of the 47 independent MPs, only four confirmed that they considered themselves members of the coalition. This is Hanna hopko, Ostap Yednak, Victoria Ptashnik and Andrey Denisenko.

Responses from speaker Andrew Parubiya and Vice-speaker Irina Gerashchenko, the media was not able to obtain, but suggests that they are also part of the coalition.

In addition, not received replies from two independent MPs – the party leader “the national body” Andrey Biletsky and businessman Konstantin Zhevago.

In regard to the first Country refers to his interview with the where Biletsky said that the coalition is not included.

As for Zhevago, the publication indicates that “he was not in the coalition at the time of its creation, and with regard to the current situation, his assistant told us: “if on account of membership in a coalition would be any information that would be written on the Council website””. On the website of the Ukrainian Parliament is no mention of Zhevago’s membership in the coalition.

Thus, the Country concludes: given the vnefraktsionnyh MPs, coalition members and members of the coalition of deputies from the BPP and NF their total number amounts to a maximum of 224 (218 deputies from the BPP and NF plus six independent).

The faction of the Renaissance has become the fourth largest in Parliament