The Peacemaker website resumes

Сайт Миротворец возобновляет работу

The team of the website decided to continue working in connection with mass support on social media and by public figures.

The staff of the center, the Peacemaker has decided to resume its work, due to considerable resonance in social networks and the support of Ukrainian public figures, politicians and volunteers, said the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko in Facebook.

“Project volunteers Peacemaker after the huge support that was given to him by hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian patriots, made the decision on the resumption of its work, no matter what!”, – wrote Gerashchenko.

“In order to effectively defend, we had to suspend the work site, but not my job. And now, at a critical time for the peacemaker’s time, as two years ago to protect our homeland, protect us come YOU: volunteers, soldiers, NG and border Guards, the best employees of SBU and the interior Ministry, the volunteers, ordinary people, Patriotic and Pro-Ukrainian-minded journalists,” – said in a public statement.

Project participants noted that it was thanks to not indifferent Ukrainians Peacemaker team finally realized that their work demanded.

“We are confident that all events that have occurred over the past 7 days, have benefited our state. These days we all clearly saw who is who in Ukrainian politics, law enforcement, the media community, social media. And who is who. All masks dropped,” said the Peacemaker.

The participants of the project stated that “the full operation of the Peacemaker website will be restored soon”.

As reported, the website Peacekeeper caught in a scandal after the publication of lists with the data of thousands of Ukrainian journalists accredited by the separatists of Donbass.

May 13, Peacemaker has announced its closure.

May 15, Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories George Tooke stated that the project Peacekeeper will resume its work.

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