The Pentagon has accused Russia of fomenting civil war in Syria

Пентагон обвинил РФ в разжигании гражданской войны в Сирии

Ashton Carter, the Pentagon

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has accused Russia of escalating the Syrian crisis. He stated this on Saturday, October 22, during his visit to Baghdad, reported on the website of the defense Ministry.

“The Russians come to Syria, they claim, in order to help in the fight against ISIS and help to end the civil war through political means… But they don’t. Instead, their behavior is fueling the civil war and now is fueling a humanitarian crisis,” said Carter.

According to Carter, General Secretary of the United States John Kerry is trying to put Russia on the right actions, in which Russia and the United States can become allies, “But we can’t be allies in actions that are going in the wrong direction.”

As previously reported, vozobnovliaemye in Aleppo battles after on Saturday 22 October in force three-day cease-fire. The so-called “humanitarian pause” was announced this week by Russia, which carry out airstrikes in support of the forces of the Syrian government. The ceasefire was to end at 19 o’clock local time (coincides with Moscow) on 22 October.

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