The Pentagon is concerned by Putin’s statement on the suppression of threat missile defense system in Romania

Пентагон обеспокоило заявление Путина о пресечении угрозы ПРО в Румынии

Deputy head of the Pentagon Robert Wark stated that Washington is extremely concerned about threats similar to those which, in his view, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an address missile defense system, according to RBC.

“These words are part of the threat model, and we would like to ask the Russian authorities to think about what they say because we want to work with them if we can. But such threats are very problematic and extremely bother us,” said Wark.

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In the Ministry of defence of the USA also expressed the hope that Russia will reconsider its position. Wark said about the aggressive behaviour of Moscow with its neighbors, and also reminded about the April incident with the military ships of the USA in the Baltic sea.

Recall, may 12 first base defense in Eastern Europe was open in Romania, at the site of the old air force base Deveselu. The representative of the Ministry of defence to NATO, Robert bell before the opening said that the deployed missile defense system “is not directed against Russia.” “The Iranians are increasing their capabilities, and we should be ahead”, – he explained.

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In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities will be forced to think about stopping threats to national security after the opening of the ground base American missile defense in Romania.