The Pentagon reacted to Putin’s statement about the capture of Romania “under the scope”

В Пентагоне отреагировали на заявление Путина о взятии Румынии "под прицел"

Russia has no reason to respond to the installation of missile defense systems in Poland and Romania. This was stated in an interview with “Voice of America” Deputy assistant Secretary of defense Michael carpenter.

“I do not think that NATO’s actions should trigger a mandatory response from the Russian side. In fact, the plans of NATO, particularly regarding the deployment of missile defense systems in Romania and Poland, for a long time are no secret. We discussed them with our Russian partners during the last 3-4 years. We were quite Frank and tried to involve them in dialogue,” – said carpenter.

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The representative of the Pentagon has openly described the reason for the increasing military presence of NATO troops in Europe, Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“As for the troops of the Alliance countries who are here on a rotational basis, and the presence of military equipment – it was a reaction to Russia’s actions in Ukraine and other regions, where Russia has violated all the fundamental principles of world order. Russia has trampled on almost all the basic international principles, which are very carefully created after world war II, including the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States”, – said the representative of the Pentagon.

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Carpenter noted that the Alliance responds to Russia’s actions, but the architecture of missile defence designed to protect against threats from the South. “We have always been consistent in the question of how to inform Russia on this issue and do not believe that it somehow affects strategic stability,” he added.

According to the Pentagon, Russia actually understands the motives of establishing missile defense as the United States takes very seriously the protection of its allies. “We consider the provisions of article 5 of the NATO Charter very seriously. It is our undeniable position, that is our oath. Talked about it and President Obama and Vice President Biden, and Secretary of state Kerry, and defense Secretary Carter. We declare this absolutely seriously,” said carpenter.

We will remind, earlier the President of Russia Vladimir Putin said that Moscow would have to respond to the introduction of the U.S. missile defence system in Romania.

“If yesterday those parts of the territory of Romania, who just didn’t know what it’s like to be under the gun, today we have to perform certain actions that will ensure our safety. I repeat — it is the response. Response. We are not taking any first steps”, – Putin said.

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May 12 first base defense in Eastern Europe was open in Romania, at the site of the old air force base Deveselu. The representative of the Ministry of defence to NATO, Robert bell before the opening said that the deployed missile defense system “is not directed against Russia.” “The Iranians are increasing their capabilities, and we should be ahead”, – he explained.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian authorities will be forced to think about stopping threats to national security after the opening of the ground base American missile defense in Romania.