The Pentagon requested for the army Ukraine $250 million

Пентагон запросил для армии Украины $250 млн

Ukrainian military will receive financial assistance from the United States

To support the army and security services of Ukraine, the United States intends to allocate $ 250 million in 2020.

USA in the 2020 financial year plans to allocate Ukraine $ 250 million to support the army and security services. This is stated in the draft budget of the Ministry of defense (Pentagon).

The funds will be allocated under the so-called “European initiative of deterrence.”

“The budget request for fiscal year 2020 includes $ 250 million to the assistance and support of troops and forces of national security of Ukraine, as well as replacement of weapons and military vehicles provided to the government of Ukraine from the Arsenal of the United States,” – the document says.

The Ukrainian Embassy in the U.S. confirmed the Pentagon’s plans to allocate Ukraine $ 250 million.

“According to the document, these funds will be used “to support Armed forces and national security forces of Ukraine and to replace any weapons and defensive goods that have already been provided to Ukraine by the United States.” It is important that in comparison with the budget request to 2019 the proposed amount of help to our state increased by 50 million dollars”,- stated in the message.

Walker announced the U.S. plans for military aid to Kiev

As reported, the United States will allocate Ukraine $10 million because of the situation in Azov. Washington, subject to approval by Congress, will provide the Ukrainian Navy extra help.


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