The people’s Deputy Leshchenko has posted the full video of the accident

Нардеп Лещенко опубликовал полное видео ДТП

The time of the accident with the car, a woman got on videregistrator

Andrey Dzyndzya said that the accident provoked the Deputy himself, violating the rules of the road.

MP Serhiy Leshchenko has posted on Facebook full video of accident in which the MAN truck crashed into his Volkswagen on the sidelines.

“In the fifth second shows that my car is at the curb. To the truck another 100 meters. It is seen that in my car is turned on hazard lights. You can see that I stood at the curb, right from the beginning of the sidewalk. Make this post in order to stop the flow of fakes and video of unknown origin, which dispersed unscrupulous people who are in the service of the ruling elite. According to their logic, will soon be, I rigged the accident, which miraculously ended with serious consequences,” – says Leshchenko.

In considering this part of the video you can see that the car stopped at the curb before the collision.

“And the enemies I want to advise – before to disperse a fake version, make sure that there is no other video, breaking your fake about cropping,” – said the MP.

Earlier in the network published a video of the accident. The author video Andrey Dzyndzya said that the accident triggered Leshchenko, violating the rules of the road.


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