The people’s Deputy of the new President, LUGO: He must first engage in peaceful territory of the region

Нардеп о новом председателе ЛВГА: Он должен в первую очередь заняться мирной территорией области

The newly appointed Chairman of the Lugansk regional military-civil administration Yury Garbuz must first take great care with the front line and the peaceful territories of the region. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the people’s Deputy from BPP Vitaly Kurilo.

According to him, the newly appointed head of the region comes from the Lugansk region, therefore, well aware of the specifics.

“Yuri was a good farmer, had a good head of the district, worked in BP. I hope that the young, ambitious, and a native of Lugansk region will be able to cope,” – said the MP.

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According to him, the main task of the new head of the CAA is to work in areas controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. According to the MP, the previous government of the region were mainly involved in the front line.

“He’s like a handyman needs in the first place to develop the area, the Ukrainian, which is under Ukrainian authorities. Unfortunately, the predecessors were more focused on the front line and forgotten about Pro-Ukrainian territory,” said Kurylo.

“The primary task is to engage the territory. The front line let them do the military”, he added.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko appointed head of the Luhansk regional military-civil administration Yury Garbuz.

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