The people’s Deputy responded to the accusations of the SBU in beating their employee

Нардеп ответил на обвинения СБУ в избиении их сотрудника

The people’s Deputy Sergey Lobasyuk

Sergey Lobasyuk argues that there was no fight.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine from the will of the people Sergei Labatut on Monday, 12 December, said in Facebook that didn’t beat SBU and promised to publish video searches.

According to the MP, on the morning of December 12, he was in his public reception in Volochisk of Khmelnytsky region, located near his farm.

At 9 o’clock, according to Labazuy to reception room two approached, introduced themselves as employees of the SBU and said that they have a court decision on seizure of documents from the Agrarian company 2004

“The reception staff clearly told these people that it is an official public reception of people’s Deputy, not the office of the agrarian company”, – says the MP.

According to him, the SBU refused to show ID, and then tore the signs from reception.

“On the course of events was as follows: alpha squadron, armed with machine guns, burst in and knocked the door of my waiting room. The security forces threw the reception staff on the floor rushed into my office and began to conduct a search… all broken and made a complete chaos,” he continued, Lobasyuk.

That he allegedly beat the employee of SBU, MP, in his statement, learned from the media. According to him, this information is not true. In proof of his innocence, Lobasyuk promised to soon release videos of.

It was previously reported that the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Sergey Lobasyuk beat SBU.

He Labatut in comments to the media denied the allegations, calling them fake.

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