The people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk in the air “Evening Prime”, – online-stream

Народный депутат Владимир Парасюк в эфире "Вечернего прайма", - онлайн-трансляция

Today in “Prime Evening” to discuss the “big sweep” – the dismissal of the head of the foreign intelligence service Viktor Gvozd and Chairman of the Luhansk CAA Heorhii tuka, why the West wants as soon as possible to hold elections in the Donbass, and whether to expect a new wave of raising tariffs to support the decisions of the IMF.

Immediately after the news release at 19:15 the Studio will be the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Parasyuk.

20:15 join us the people’s deputies Sergey Melnichuk (“will of the people”) and Petro Sabashuk (PPB).

21:15 – people’s deputies Pavel Kostenko (“Samopomich”) and Arthur Gerasimov (PPB).

22:15 – journalist and TV host Andriy Kulikov.

Direct TV channel “112 Ukraine”: