The plan of Kissinger: the media reported about the conditions of convergence of trump and Putin

План Киссенджера: СМИ сообщили об условиях сближения Трампа и Путина

Former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger is developing a plan for elected President of the USA of Donald trump on the normalization of relations with Russia.

This was reported by the newspaper Bild, citing data from the European intelligence services.

It is reported that Kissinger should become the intermediary between trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In particular, he offers the Trump to recognize the superiority of Russia in the South-Western territories of the former USSR, as well as to seek the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.

“Russia guarantees security in Eastern Europe and will gradually reduce their activity in the region. In return, the West will not interfere in the Crimean question”, – said in a note to Bild.

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Recall that Obama said that if he participated in the election, trump would not have won.