The Plan Of Troy. As the Kremlin wanted to take East Ukraine

План Троя. Как Кремль хотел отнять Восток Украины

Leakage from the mail of the Advisor to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov can shed light on the hidden campaign and a hybrid war against Ukraine.

The British newspaper “The Times” acquainted with the government report in the UK, which relies on letters from e-mail Advisor of Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Surkov, hacked.

The Kremlin in 2014, proposed a plan to destabilize the East of Ukraine. Operation Troy – a strategy for the preparation inhabitants of the Zaporozhye region to the Pro-Russian capture or, as it was called, “liberation from Nazi-fascist invaders”. has gathered information on the plan of the Kremlin.

What isthe essence

The author of the article “The Times” Tom Parfitt writes that the plan “Troy” in November 2014 was sent to the Kremlin, Alexei Muratov, former Deputy of the United Russia from the Kursk region and “spokesperson” in Russia.

This proposal was part of a wider plan of the Kremlin to destabilize Ukraine, who has acted in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

It was about the preparation of the population of Zaporozhye region to the Pro-Russian rebellion, which he called “liberation.” In terms of the names of the leaders of the Pro-Russian riots, and the spies had acted at the scene.

According to the plan of operation Troy, Muratov offered to invest 181 thousand of dollars on spreading Pro-Russian rebellion further West from the Donbass. It was a plan to manipulate public opinion before the mutiny in Zaporozhye, which was supposed to use the network of Russian spies. Provided and contact with the local police and the security Service of Ukraine.

According to the plan, from 40 thousand dollars had to be invested in Pro-Russian protests in Zaporozhye, 10 thousand dollars for the support of a network of agents in the security service and the Ministry of the interior, before the 49 thousand dollars – for the purchase of vehicles.

The implementation failed?

Tom Parfitt notes that the plan Muratova is not implemented, and it is difficult to say, whether Moscow considered it as a serious proposal.

The document was part of the correspondence, which was intercepted by Ukrainian hackers in November last year. Two of the previous piece opened in 2016. The Kremlin said the information was fabricated, although some people who have sent emails Surkov called them real. The Kremlin said that Surkov did not use e-mail. But in the documents, basically it was about the letters from his office.

The author of the article suggests that the Kremlin was eager to promote autonomy for regions of Ukraine with significant Russian-speaking population, as it was in the Donbas in parallel with the Russian military invasion.

However, it is worth mentioning that in 2014, in Zaporozhye there was an attempt of the organization of Pro-Russian speeches. But they were few in number, and in the end the Pro-Russian activists severely dispersed by local residents.

An ambitious plan

According to Brits, the leaks reveal plans for planting a new historical and philosophical ideas in Ukraine. Activities are designed to carry out the idea that part of Ukraine characteristic of Russian heritage.

Other plans include the organization of anti-Ukrainian and Pro-Russian rallies. They meant the transportation of “athletes” trained in martial arts, payments to local media for coverage of the protests and police bribes to turn a blind eye.

“A month of protests in Kharkiv was estimated at 19,2 thousand dollars. It was about 100 participants and three organizers and two lawyers, – the newspaper writes. – Have there been meetings, it is unclear, though others provoked by Kremlin protests, as the study showed, took place. According to leaks, the efforts the election of 30 of the former Communist leaders in local government were undertaken in June 2015 for 120,46 thousand dollars.”