The plane, carrying out flight from Paris to Cairo, disappeared from radar

Самолет, выполнявший рейс из Парижа в Каир, пропал с радаров

Aircraft of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir flying room MS804 disappeared from the radar controllers at 02:45 local time, the report said EgyptAir in the microblog in Twitter.

An informed source at EGYPTAIR reported that EGYPTAIR Flight No MS 804 has lost communication with the radar tracking system at 02:45 (CLT)

— EGYPTAIR (@EGYPTAIR) May 19, 2016

According to the updated data EgypyAir on Board the ship are 66 passengers, including three children. Earlier it was reported about 59 passengers and 10 crew members.

It is reported that the plane disappeared from radar at an altitude of 37 thousand feet (12.3 thousand meters). At this moment he already reached the territory of Egypt.

Search-and-rescue team has already commenced the survey of the Egyptian district in which the plane went missing.

The liner is made in 2003. The crew commander has a plaque 6275 hours, including 2101 hours on identical models.

As reported TASS, the plane was about to land in Cairo over an hour and a half ago, and while in the air, to date to fully spend all the fuel. According to some, to the loss when the crew reported smoke from the cockpit.

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We will remind, in Afghanistan crashed cargo plane with three Ukrainians on Board.