The plane “dream” returned to Ukraine from Australia

Самолет "Мрия" вернулся в Украину из Австралии

The world’s largest airliner has completed an Intercontinental flight.

The largest aircraft in the world An-225 “Mriya” returned to Ukraine from Australia, reports 5 channel.

On a long flight to another continent liner launched on 10 may.

The next day in the Czech Republic on Board uploaded generator weighing 130 tons. It Ukrainian plane “Mriya” and delivered to Australia.

Antonov an-225 made its first commercial flight and landed in Perth on may 15. Unloaded the generator more than 12 hours.

Ukrainian “Mriya” is the only plane capable of carrying a load of such weight. It ordered the Australian plant. An-225 is the largest and most powerful in the world transport aircraft created by the Kiev Design Bureau named after Antonov in the late 80-ies of the last century.

In November 2004, the international Federation of Aeronautics made it into the Guinness Book of records for 240 records.

“Mriya” in Australia was met with applause