The plane Poroshenko carries military cargo of NATO

Самолет Порошенко везет военный груз от НАТО

Poroshenko in the plane carries military equipment from NATO

Military equipment handed over to Jens Stoltenberg, delivered in Kiev, the presidential plane.

NATO has completed the transfer of military equipment to Ukraine. The last batch handed in Thursday, December 13, during the visit of President Petro Poroshenko at the headquarters of NATO in Brussels, reports European Pravda, citing a source familiar with the details of delivery.

Earlier Thursday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the joint press conference with Poroshenko in Brussels promised that the Alliance will soon give the equipment for secure communications for the Mat. As it turned out, the promise of Secretary General was done in the same day.

The representative of Ukraine to NATO Vadim pristayko in their comments to the newspaper confirmed the fact of delivery. “Yes, the project deliveries completed,” he said.

The Alliance did not officially comment on the delivery date, but told reporters a few details about the components of the aid package.

“Communication equipment, which said the Secretary General, funded through the trust Fund of NATO “C4″ (Command, Control, Communications and Computers). We pass the Armed forces of Ukraine of the device, the encoded radio and portable GPS trackers,” said the official of the Alliance.

Of key importance in this package of assistance have protected the radio station mentioned, Stolenberg. They not only provide secure communication, but is also resistant to “jamming”, which is used by the Russians on the line of contact in Donbas, said a source in the Alliance.

Another source said that the goods must arrive in Ukraine today for speedy delivery to the Ukrainian side were involved in a plane of the state airline Ukraine. Today in Brussels there was only one such plane carrying the official Ukrainian delegation. Thus, the President Poroshenko after a visit to literally have to bring to Ukraine a military cargo of NATO.

The press service of mission of Ukraine to NATO has confirmed the receipt of the equipment and published the photos.

“This year the Armed forces of Ukraine will receive new year gifts from NATO before,” commented on a photo Mission.

Самолет Порошенко везет военный груз от НАТО

We will remind, today in Brussels, a meeting of Petro Poroshenko and Jens Stoltenberg, at the press of konferencii after which it was stated that NATO will provide security on the sea of Azov.

Also today, Poroshenko handed over to the EU and NATO proposals for new sanctions against Russia.

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