The plane SkyUp for a day stuck in the Czech Republic

Самолет SkyUp на сутки застрял в Чехии

SkyUp plane at the airport in Pardubice

The delay is caused by the fact that the ground service of the airport Pardubice are unable to provide the service of the aircraft, explained the company SkyUp.

Ukrainian airline Airlines SkyUp more than a day delayed flight from the Czech city of Pardubice, which was supposed to depart at 12:50 on January 28. This was reported by a passenger on a flight she Vortac on his page in Facebook on Wednesday, January 29.

“For more than a day along with other companions in misfortune are at the airport in Pardubice (Czech Republic) due to flight delays 0842 (28.01.2020, 12:50). Yesterday almost immediately after the passengers on the flight, stalled engines,” she wrote.

The passenger added that after unsuccessful attempts to resume work at the engines, passengers were asked to leave the plane.

“Since the flight is transferred from hour to hour, and we (about 100 people) become real hostages of the situation, and this at first glance cozy airport,” she said.

Vortac claims that passengers were not contacted by any representatives of the SkyUp Airlines nor the travel Agency JoinUp predstavnici.

At the same time on the website SkyUp confirmed that flight PQ842 Pardubice – Kiev departed on schedule from Pardubice. The delay is supposedly caused by the fact that the ground service of the airport Pardubice are unable to ensure the maintenance of the aircraft.

The airline noted that there is abnormal operation of the auxiliary power unit (APU), which usually is used to start aircraft engines. And in the case of malfunction of the APU, that is not an obstacle for normal operations, the engines start applications from the device ground running. With the engines of the plane.

Also note that the services company in Pardubice previously assured that they will provide the device ground launch the plane at the airport, but it turned out that his power does not suffice to run the engines of the Boeing 737.

“Passengers were accommodated at the hotel. They provided all related services, as provided by rules of transportations of passengers and Luggage in case of delay of flights – meals, drinks and transfers,” assured the airline.

In SkyUp apologized for the inconvenience and assured that for the return of passengers to Kiev organized an extra flight to Pardubice. Judging by the schedule on-line, his flight was delayed until 23:30.

Earlier in January, 160 Ukrainians stuck for two days in the Italian airport of Naples. The delay was related to the debts of the airline Ernest Airlines to the International airport Kiev them. Igor Sikorsky.

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