The player during the game, crushed a can of judges

Футболист во время игры раздавил баллончик судьи

Football Scottish Celtic had not noticed the referee spray, which the referee marks the spot free kick on the lawn.

During the game the Scottish Celtic and Greek AEK in the UEFA Champions League one of the football players gave Penn special effects.

Video of the incident posted on his Twitter page of the Turkish sports commentator.

Bu akşam Celtic-AEK maçında acayip bir şey yaşandı! Hakemin düşürdüğü şişeye basan Ntcham”ın şaşkınlığı çıkan ve köpük… Bu kadar denk gelir! 😱

— Hünkar are made Mutlu (@hunkarmutlu) 8 Aug 2018

The referee left the spray on the lawn and havbek Scottish club Olivier Ntsam accidentally stepped on him. Spray foam flew, the frightened athlete.

After the incident, the spray from the field was removed.

The Ukrainian demonstrated real sportsmanship, returning after the race for a fallen opponent

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