The player of Barcelona: If you do not win the Spanish League – it will be a failure

Игрок Барселоны: Если не выиграем чемпионат Испании - это будет провалом

Gerard Pique

Defender of the Catalans Pique recalled the recent poor results of the team.

“Misfire during the season is fine, but Barcelona was not lucky that they happened at a crucial moment. However, we do not attach much importance to them. Barcelona continues to struggle in the League and the Spanish Cup, and we must try to win these trophies.

When I’m in Barcelona nevyigrysh of the championship of Spain was considered a failure of the season. Got three games in La Liga, and we count only on the forces. If we lose points in these matches, you can lose the championship,” said Peak.

In the last three rounds of the blue-pomegranate will meet with betasom, Espanyol and Granada. Before the start of the 36-th round Barcelona leads the standings Examples, having the same number of points with Atletico but ahead of them on an additional indicator. On the third line is the real world that plays Barcelona and “plans” one point.

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