The plow instead of plane. Network about Ukraine at Expo

Плуг вместо самолета. Сеть об Украине на Экспо

Ukrainian stand at Expo-2017

Ukrainian scientific-technical achievements, pointing at a small stand.

The Ukraine stand at the international exhibition Expo-2017 held in Astana, actively discussed in social networks.

The world Expo is the largest international platform on which countries demonstrate the scientific and technical achievements. This year the theme of the exhibition claimed the Energy of the future.

Financial Director of the national company Ukrenergo Arthur Somov, who visited the exhibition yesterday, said that the Ukrainian stand he was ashamed.

“The country that has the technology of construction of planes, cars, a lot of institutes and universities, was represented by a small stand on which were displayed some kind of an electric, which was “solar energy collectors” and a couple of things from the past,” he wrote in his Facebook.

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He noted that Kazakhstan for the exhibition has built a huge space under the pavilions in the shape of a ball, and technologies were displayed in 3D format, accompanied by a “laser show with some space multieffects”.

Плуг вместо самолета. Сеть об Украине на Экспо



According to the Treasurer Ukrenergo, at the Expo, he saw a train on alternative energy, living eco-capsule, a variety of technologies to generate energy from the sun, tides and “almost from cosmic dust”.

Countries such as France and South Korea, was purchased for its achievements at two pavilions, says Som. But before you find Ukraine, he spent more than ten hours.

Плуг вместо самолета. Сеть об Украине на Экспо



Ukrainian achievements were presented on a small stand, which was in the public pavilion called silk road Countries, which also presented technologies of Tajikistan, Afghanistan and other poor countries of the Middle East.

Struck Somov not only Ukrainian achievements, but also the design of the stand. In a corner lay the newspaper Ukrainian news in Ukrainian language, at the time, as most information was offered in English and Russian languages.

“And I was particularly struck by a large sign: “Energy of creative people”, under which were photos of Kozak, mill of Pirogovo and the Golden gate,” – said the official.


Ukraine’s participation in the Expo this year was organized by the chamber of Commerce. As previously said the representative office, the Ukrainian scientific developments will be presented virtually.

Earlier it was reported that Kazakhstan has bought the Ukrainian aircraft an-74 for $ 15 million.