The poles appealed against the obligation to wear a bracelet and take passport

Поляков обжаловал обязанность носить браслет и сдать паспорта

People’s Deputy Maxim Polyakov

Protection of the Deputy appealed the measure of restraint in respect of an electronic bracelet and surrender of passports.

Protection of the people’s Deputy from the faction of the popular front Maksym Polyakov has filed an appeal against the court’s decision, according to which he must wear an electronic bracelet, and surrender all passports. About the MP said on his page on Facebook.

“My lawyer filed an appeal on the decision of Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv from 21.07.2017 G. This resolution is unlawful and taken in excess of authority in terms of giving me additional procedural duties,” wrote the Poles.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 11 July, the Verkhovna Rada deprived Maksym Polyakov immunity. It together with the people’s Deputy Borislav Rosenblatt suspected of involvement in the so-called “amber case”.

According to investigators, deputies for the money lobbied bills on the legalization of amber mining in Ukraine in the interests of a foreign company.

MP Poles made of 304 thousand hryvnias of pledge

Last week, the Solomensky district court of Kiev appointed Polyakov bail in the sum of 304 thousand hryvnias, and also ordered him to wear an electronic bracelet and to hand over the passport.