The police asks to remove inviolability from parasiuk

Полиция просит снять неприкосновенность с Парасюка

The people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk

The corresponding letter to Poroshenko, Parubiy and Lutsenko signed by more than 500 police officers of Donbass.

Police personnel appealed to the President Petro Poroshenko, speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko with a request to deprive the people’s Deputy Vladimir parasiuk immunity. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the national police, the chief of police in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin on his page in Facebook.

“The letter had been signed by more than 500 police officers of Donbass. Tomorrow he will be transferred to local police units, so that everyone could join the police. Also support current employees agreed and retirees, and veterans”, – he wrote.

Abroskin also reported that the Deputy chief of Kramatorsk OP Andrew Druma, who stopped parasiuk and other participants of the blockade near Slavyansk began to receive threats.

“After the publication of the “sympathetic on” personal data on the Internet Andrew Druma began to receive threats: “We know where your family is, we know where your daughter is,” said the Deputy Chairman of the national police.


Poroshenko about the incident with the Parasiuk: It’s a shame

Recall, March 14, near Slavyansk had a conflict from-for refusal “blockade” to pass inspection. The participants of the blockade, said that police beat parasiuk together with his colleagues, and poisoned them with gas. The police claim that the MP started to hit the security forces and tried to take away their weapons.

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