The police confirmed the killing of a citizen by military APU

В полиции подтвердили убийство мирного жителя военными ВСУ

The police confirmed that the Ukrainian military fatally shot a civilian in Happiness

The victim was walking on forbidden territory and did not respond to warning the Ukrainian military, said the police.

Police in Luhansk region confirmed the information of the OSCE mission on the wounded Ukrainian military of the peace resident in the town of Happiness on 6 September. On Thursday, October 5, reports with reference to the press-Secretary GU the national police in the Luhansk region Tatyana Pogukai.

According to her, September 6 military APU noticed on the bridge the man with the package that was on the forbidden territory – the zero milestone. It warned him not to come, because this area is mined.

“It just warned a second time, fired shots in the air, but it was with a package there, and they opened fire on the legs. Then they took him to the hospital, but, in my opinion, the day he died”, – told Pogukai.

What was in the package at the victim, press Secretary couldn’t answer. As someone who has opened a criminal case on this incident and what article.

Recall that in the OSCE report for Tuesday, October 3, reported that the city Happiness of the Luhansk region the Ukrainian military personnel September 6, shot a man, who later died in hospital from blood loss