The police counted the number of traffic accidents involving “EuroBLECH”

Полиция подсчитала число ДТП при участии "евроблях"

For ten months there have been more than 11 thousand accidents involving cars on avtonomera

In the last ten months on the roads of Ukraine has occurred more than 11 thousand accidents involving “EuroBLECH”.

Since the beginning of 2018 took place in Ukraine over 11 thousand accidents involving cars with foreign registration. This is with reference to the data of the patrol police said on Wednesday, December 5, UNN.

According to the patrol, over the past ten months on the roads of Ukraine took place on 11 170 accidents involving “EuroBLECH”. 1977 of them took place in Kiev.

While the police noted that not all accidents that occurred on the territory of Ukraine with the participation of vehicles registered on the territory of other States, entered in the register of road accident with participation of cars with foreign registration.

In addition, drivers-participants of road accident can fill the place of accident Evroprotokol without calling the respective unit of the National police. The data about such accidents is not entered into the system, IPNP.

Earlier it was reported that from the date of entry into force of the laws on excise duties on cars, and also about strengthening of control over movement and use of the car in Ukraine for a foreign registration is officially cleared only 74 cars on avtonomera.

We will remind, on November 25 came into force law №8487 and No. 8488 of excise duties on passenger cars, as well as to strengthen control over the movement and use of cars on foreign registration.

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