The police of Afghanistan conducted raids to seize hookahs in cafes and restaurants

Полиция Афганистана провела рейды по изъятию кальянов в кафе и ресторанах

In the Afghan capital Kabul, the police raided cafes and restaurants where visitors smoke hookah, reports the BBC.

The police confiscated all discovered hookahs and tore their advertising posters.

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Authorities decided to force owners of institutions to comply with two years ago, the law banning Smoking in enclosed spaces.

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Smoking Shisha in a café is considered fashionable among Afghan youth. Especially popular to smoke tobacco with a fruity aftertaste.

Police raids have actively ridiculed in the Afghan Internet. People have commented that the threat posed by the hookahs, it pales in comparison to the epidemic of heroin use, as well as with the country’s ongoing armed clashes.