The police of the Donetsk region passed to the strengthened mode of service

Полиция Донецкой обл. перешла на усиленный режим несения службы

The police of the Donetsk region passed to the strengthened variant of performance of duty, have informed in GU the NP region. This is due to the upcoming start of the new academic year.

It is noted that the September 1 to protect the rule of law in public areas locations will be about 1.5 thousand police officers. In addition, each school (and their controlled part of the region more than 550) will be on duty police officer.

“On 31 August and 1 September on the territory of Donetsk region will pass quickly-preventive working off. The safety and welfare of the residents of Donbass clock will be guarded by extra police. Created armored group that will patrol the streets together with the rapid response teams and patrol police in those cities where it works,” said the Agency, adding that a battalion of special forces and special equipment prepared to travel anywhere in the region.

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In addition, the region has tightened control on blockpost, and the roads on the boundary line patrol “mobile checkpoints”.

“In the greatest attention of the police – the settlements on the demarcation line. It will operate 37 schools, which will go 6.5 thousand children. Now continues the examination schools together with SES for the presence of explosive subjects”, – explained in the police.

The head of the regional Department of the national police Vyacheslav Abroskin noted that in this regime the police will work not only on 1 September, but the entire academic year.

Recall that the Tripartite liaison group in Minsk discussed the possibility of a ceasefire in Donbas on September 1.