The police of the Odessa region opened a case on the fact of placing the bomb under the car of the mayor of Ishmael

Полиция Одесской области открыла дело по факту закладки бомбы под авто мэра Измаила

The car is a measure of Ishmael

Upon detection of explosives attached to the bottom of the car, which drives the mayor of Izmail Andrey Abramchenko, opened a criminal case under article “attempt at murder”. About it reported in a press-service of the police region.

“Underneath the vehicle, which moved the mayor of Ishmael, police bomb experts found an improvised radio-controlled explosive device. A dangerous find was neutralized, no one was hurt. Upon detection of explosives the criminal proceedings”, – stated in the message.

Event information included in the Unified register of pretrial investigations on the preliminary legal qualification of the criminal offense provided part 2 of article 15 (Attempted crime) and section 5 of part 2 of article 115 (Premeditated murder) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Pre-judicial investigation.

On a scene worked it is investigatory-operative group of the police. Experts have established that the unknown device is not part of the specified car. The place was called the explosive experts of the police Department in Odessa region.

Полиция Одесской области открыла дело по факту закладки бомбы под авто мэра Измаила

the bomb on the car as Ishmael

“When viewed from the bomb squad determined that a suspicious object attached to the outside of the underbody of the vehicle with a magnet. Find is radio-controlled improvised explosive device placed to the metal housing. Experts took the decision on its disposal (destruction) with the help of a hydrodynamic destroyer on a place of detection. During the destruction of the explosion of the discovered device. As a result, nobody was hurt. The car received slight shrapnel damage to underbody and wheels,” said the police.

Recall on Thursday, April 20 at 11:40 in a call center of Izmail city Department of police received a report that on one of the city stations during the technical inspection of the vehicle, which was moving Izmail mayor, was discovered a suspicious object, the find was attached to the bottom of the car.

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