The police of the Transcarpathian region told about the results of the fight against deforestation

Полиция Закарпатской обл. рассказала о результатах борьбы с вырубкой леса

In the administration of Netpolice Transcarpathian region told about the results of the fight against illegal deforestation for the first 4 months of 2016.

In particular, the press service of the SEPL reports that for the year 2016 99 already initiated criminal proceedings on the facts of illegal deforestation under article 246 UCF, 5 cases less than the whole of 2015.

Also in 2015, were before the court of 10 criminal proceedings under this article, 8 of them are considered criminals punished. Two more cases are pending.

This year two such cases were sent to court. Cumulatively across the 4 industries that are now pending in the court, the sum of the caused damage to the state amounted to 200 thousand UAH, out of which 60 thousand have been recovered.

Police also reported that only in Velyky Berezny district in 2016 was discovered 1815 unauthorized cutting of trees of different species than the state suffered damage amounting to more than 4 million 270 thousand hryvnias. Now looking for poachers.

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The police revealed that the illegal felling of the forest law provides for the punishment of a fine and to imprisonment for a term up to 3 years with confiscation of illegally extracted.

“The poachers usually cut down the forest where it is easier to take – along roads and rivers. Take only trunks, salamlay the environment rublennym branches. And then they clog rivers and streams, which ultimately leads to floods. Not to mention the fact that each tree has its roots holds a large amount of water which now flows down from the mountains to the plains, where people live,” – commented on the consequences of deforestation in the police.

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