The police officer made a fatal accident in Kovel

Полицейский совершил смертельное ДТП в Ковеле

The accident killed a man

Police revealed details of the accident.

In Kovel on Tuesday evening, January 2, faced BMWи vases, with the result that the last passenger car died. It is reported, Volyn Post, citing police data.

The BMW driver was inspector of the patrol police in the Volyn region. The police in this day was a day off.

Blow was such force that the WHA was thrown from the roadway. Slid into a ditch and BMW. The driver and passenger of the BMW responded with VAZ, but the passenger of the car died on the spot. The driver was taken to the hospital.

The driver and passenger of the BMW in road accident has not suffered.

The police said that the inspector was sober, he was properly tested in the clinic.

The police officer reported that the Vase was not working taillights, and he had not noticed.

The details of the incident should establish a consequence.

As reported, in Kiev the drunk judge after road accident tried to disappear on “fast”.