The police opened a case against Peacemaker website

Полиция открыла дело против сайта Миротворец

Investigators are checking the publication of the list of journalists.

Investigative management of GU-Ukraine Kiev is investigating the criminal proceedings on the fact of publication on the website of the Peacemaker of the lists of journalists who allegedly accredited in the breakaway DNI and LC. This was reported on the website of the Kiev police.

As notes a press-service of the Kiev police, the case is being investigated under part 1 of article 171 (“impeding the legitimate professional activities of journalists”) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Police are asking members of the media, the data which were posted on the website, which prevents their legitimate professional activities, to apply to testify as witnesses concerning these facts.

Peacemaker in mid-may 2016 published the personal data of the journalists who were accredited to work in the territories of the DNI and LC.

Publication of personal data of journalists condemned the Russian foreign Ministry, the EU, OSCE and the US state Department.

Established the identity of the owner of the Peacemaker website