The police showed a video of an investigative experiment in the case of Gandzyuk

В полиции показали видео следственного эксперимента по делу Гандзюк

Sergey Knyazev told about the investigation Gandzyuk

The network has a video with the testimony of suspects in the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk.

The head of the National police Sergey Knyazev during the report in Parliament showed the video testimony and the investigative experiment in the case of the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk.

The Prince also noted that the investigation questioned five detainees and 367 witnesses, conducted nine searches, more than 20 examinations, more than 100 undercover investigation – and then established the circumstances of the crime.

On one of the published video the man said that they were offered “to teach activist Gandzyuk due to the fact that she was Russophobic views, she spoke negatively about the soldiers of the ATO and involved in scandals related to corruption”.

The reward promised four thousand dollars in all.

As told Knyazev, the attackers first planned to beat Catherine Gandzyuk for a fee of five thousand dollars, but then decided to douse it with sulfuric acid.

The attack was prepared in ALESCO Kherson region, on July 26, the day before the crime, the organiser Sergey Torbin and his partners purchased sulfuric acid in Kakhovka. The identity of the seller set.

The police identified the organizer of the crime, two of his companions and immediate offender: “unfortunately, the participants of ATO”.

On one of the videos the man says that bought two bottles of sulfuric acid for 300 hryvnia received from Turbine. Even the last gave 10 thousand hryvnias “for expenses,” said the suspect.

In another video shown investigative experiment, during which the man shows that had acid thrown in Gandzyuk back, shoulder blades and from there she went on face.

Returning to Alyosha, the attacker threw the Shoe, damaged by sulfuric acid, and the bottle in the river. They then withdrew. Another bottle of sulfuric acid seized in ALESCO.

All five persons who are considered perpetrators of the attack, according to Knyazev, reported about suspicion and chose a measure of restraint.

Production on customers investigated by the security Service of Ukraine, so Netpolice decided to transfer the production to the performers, which virtually completed in the Main investigation Department of the SBU.

We will remind, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko stated about the 12 people who are suspected of ordering the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk.

In turn, President Petro Poroshenko said on 20 versions in the case of Gandzyuk

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Catherine Gandzyuk

“Order” Gandzyuk could 12 people.

Poroshenko said about 20 versions of the case Gandzyuk

Lutsenko resigns

The Parliament called law enforcement authorities to report the murder of Gandzyuk

Named the official cause of death Gandzyuk

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