The police showed the effects of shelling of residential houses in Marinka

Полиция показала последствия обстрела жилых домов в Марьинке

The shank from the mines of calibre of 82 in Marinka

Law enforcement has documented the consequences of a mortar attack of a residential area of Marinka of Donetsk region.

Police Donetsk region showed the effects of separatist shelling of residential houses in the city of Marinka. This year is one of the most powerful bombardments of the residential area, reports on Wednesday, March 20, the press service of the regional police.

“Mortar shelling of residential buildings started on March 17 at about 18:00 and lasted about an hour. Now recorded three damaged houses and the car on the street Moskalevsky. Victims among the population there,” – said in the message.

Stated that on Wednesday, the police called the 35-year-old man’s house found a suspicious object. Police seized a shank from a mine caliber 82. Also law enforcement authorities withdrew the remains of the mines that were in the other yards.



Upon attack criminal case under article terrorist attack.

Earlier, the Donbas separatists fired at a school in the village of Golden-5.

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