The police told about the last day Moskovskoy

Полиция рассказала о последнем дне Ноздровской

Irina Noskovskaya

Divers found the sets of knives at the bottom of the river, where he died a human rights activist.

Militiamen managed to restore partially the course of events of the evening she was murdered is a human rights lawyer Irina Noskovskaya. It is reported by the Browser with reference to the first Deputy head of the national police – the chief of criminal police Vyacheslav Abroskin.

According to him, the experts recreated the path of movement Mostovskoy before the murder from her place of work in Kiev and to the place of discovery of the body.

“She came to metro Heroes of the Dnieper, the village is likely in the taxi and drove almost to his house. Using our technical capabilities, we tracked its movement. Set the time that it took. And now understand, when about death… I Can say that the evening of 29 December. Final and accurate time – only after conducting a comprehensive examination,” – said Abroskin.

He added that about 17 hours Irina Noskovskaya talked to my mother, and after a couple minutes it was fixed another connecting – then she said she can’t talk right now.

“It was her last conversation with your family. We recorded the cell phone work Mostovskoy almost 19 hours on 29 December. That is, he was enabled,” – said Abroskin.

The police believe that Irene had arrived from the subway home, where she could wait or she rode with a killer.

Abroskin confirmed that the body of a woman found in the river, she was stabbed more than ten knife wounds. Irina was naked, wearing only her bra.

“Why naked? It can be assumed that the offender is freed from possible traces, so we don’t “got” the killer’s DNA. It is also possible that he wanted to join with Irene in a sexual relationship. Clothes Moskovskoy we haven’t discovered yet”, – he said.

“There were divers on the river bottom have found various sets of knives – they were Packed. How they got there – question. Found separately another knife, but the blade size, none of these knives are not suitable. They are not instrumentalities of crime. But the work continues the study of the site near the crime scene, too. In the water we found one mobile phone of Irene. Found the cover of its second phone, under water (yet the device itself). Found some clothes, but not Irina – she was in a sheepskin coat” – said the first Deputy head of national police.

According to him, to argue that the murder occurred near the river – yet.

“Perhaps, to have brought a dead woman and dumped the body in the water. 29 December, when they killed Irina, the river was a large stream of water, it seems that the body was carried to the place of discovery”, – Abroskin added.

As reported Корреспондент.neton 1 January near Kiev found dead previously missing human rights activist Irina Moskovskuyu. The woman led a case on the death of her sister, who in September 2015 killed Dmitry rossoshansky – nephew of the district judge, at the time of the accident was in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

Shortly before his disappearance Noskovskaya achieved that the culprit of the accident was not released on Amnesty. Loved ones and colleagues Moskovskoy reported that she has long received threats from the family of the convicted, as well as from him personally.

The investigation into the murder of lawyer Irina Moskovskoy taken under special control of the Prosecutor of the Kiev region.