The policy of the EU and NATO in the Constitution will strengthen the spring

Курс на ЕС и НАТО в Конституции закрепят к весне

The final decision on Ukraine’s foreign policy in Parliament is expected in the spring or late winter

In late winter or spring, the Parliament can make the final changes to the Constitution on the consolidation of the course of Ukraine into the EU and NATO.

Finally changes to the Constitution about securing the course of Ukraine to the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance can be taken in late winter or spring. On Friday, September 21, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrii parubii in an interview to TV channel Rada.

In particular, he noted that such changes in the Constitution have a “fundamental and strategic importance for Ukraine.”

“And I am proud that the Parliament has given a vote of 321 in the first stage,” – said the speaker.

He reminded that amendments to the Constitution are accepted in stages – “first we realised, that the direction of the question to the constitutional court, then the output of the CCU, another vote of 226, and then at the next session – a vote of 300 votes.”

The Chairman of the Parliament said that the final decision may not be voted on this session.

“This will be done in the spring or late winter,” – said paruby.

Recall that in March, Poroshenko said that Ukraine may join the EU in a few years. However, he expressed confidence that the country will be in the Union. Poroshenko stressed that over the past three years Ukraine has achieved great progress, especially in the fight against corruption, and will continue to move on the path of reforms.

Poroshenko also ordered to amend the Constitution of Ukraine, which will strengthen the country’s aspiration to join NATO and the EU.

Later Poroshenko said that Ukraine intends to join the European Union until 2025.

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