The political Council of opposition bloc signed a cooperation with the party Rabinovich

Политсовет Оппоблока не подписал сотрудничество с партией Рабиновича

Vadim Novinsky announced the decision of the political Council of opposition bloc

The political Council of the Opposition bloc rejected the initiative of signing cooperation agreements with the party Vadim Rabinovich For life.

The opposition bloc has rejected the initiative of the co-Chairman of the party Yuriy Boyko to sign a cooperation agreement with the party Vadim Rabinovich For life. The decision was taken at a 12 November meeting of the political Council of opposition bloc, announced on Tuesday, November 13, Apostrophe.

In particular, the member of the political party Opposition bloc Vadim Novinsky said that the issues in the agenda of the Board had introduced the two co-chairmen of party Boris Kolesnikov and, in fact, Yuriy Boyko.

“Kolesnikov made in the agenda the question of convening a Congress which should meet soon and assess the situation in the party, not giving this matter some true value, and presenting it to the General inner-party discussion, where representatives of all regions of our country. For him was to be held the second stage of the Congress, at the beginning of next year, which would nominate a single presidential candidate,” said Novinsky.

However, he added that “colleagues” whose actions became the reason for the meeting, this initiative was not supported.

In his turn, Boyko, according to Novinsky, made in yesterday’s agenda of the question of the relation of the political Council for cooperation with the party For life.

“The political Council’s decision is not supported. The same as the second suggestion made quickly – to approve the agreement, which they with Vadim Rabinovich was signed on Friday. That is, if to summarize, the political Council of the party – these actions were not supported,” – said the politician.

Informed party Opposition bloc and For the life of agreed on the establishment of uniting the Opposition’s platform For life.

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