The Pope will meet with Ukrainian migrants

Папа Римский встретится с украинскими мигрантами

The Pontiff will come to the Ukrainians in the Cathedral of the UGCC.

Sunday, 28 January, Pope Francis will visit the Hagia Sophia in Rome, where he will meet with Ukrainian migrants. This was reported on the page of the Cathedral in Facebook.

As noted, the Pontiff’s visit comes at the invitation of the head of the UGCC Sviatoslav Shevchuk. In the Cathedral, the pilgrims will welcome Pope Francis to Ukrainian Christmas carols, after which it congratulate the head of the UGCC.

The Pope will descend into the crypt of the Cathedral, where he will pray before the grave of his teacher in elementary school in Buenos Aires – Ukrainian Bishop Stepan Smile. At the end of his visit, the Pope will go to the pilgrims in the Cathedral of St. Sophia.

Hagia Sophia is for Ukrainian migrants an important cultural centre. In the 1960s, its construction began Joseph the Blind, who headed the Greek-Catholic Church, when it was banned in the Soviet Union. Ukrainians in Italy are the fifth largest ethnic community.

Earlier, the Pope wished a merry Christmas the Christians of the Eastern rite.

As reported, the Pope urged the world to accept more refugees.