The portal Sladan — effective way to increase sales in online store

Портал Sladan — эффективный способ увеличения продаж в интернет-магазине

Even if you are the owner of an online store, but often buy in the Internet, surely you have already met the price-aggregators. These are special sites where you can compare the price of the same goods from different sellers. Benefit from this get both buyers and sellers.

First, buyers appreciate these sites not only because of the possibility it is cheaper to buy the right product, but also for the fact that they save their time. Even if you simply try to compare prices on the websites of several major online shops, in the end, it can easily go half a day.

Second, the sellers, using such sites can significantly increase the number of possible points of contact with potential clients, making them a powerful channel of Internet marketing with a good potential ROI. Many owners of e-commerce businesses still do not use these price comparison services, and we will briefly try to tell me what they use for the online stores in sales growth.

And we will do the example portal Sladan is a young but very rapidly developing the domestic resource. In less than 9 months the startup has become a significant player on the Ukrainian online market. The reason for such rapid success naturally — the most modern technical and design solutions, quality marketing and active promotion.

Портал Sladan — эффективный способ увеличения продаж в интернет-магазине



How it works

The mechanism of the sites to compare prices is actually much easier than it may seem at first glance. The seller started you need to register an account with appropriate permissions and upload the price list of goods they would like to place. Basically, the price list should contain information such as:

  • product name;
  • its price;
  • description;
  • photo.

Portal Sladan are three models of payment — a percentage of sales, subscription fee and pay per lead (the specific transition of the buyer on the seller’s website). This flexible solution combined with a free trial period of use, good service and online support makes the “entry” to the store is simple and painless.

Advantages for Internet-shops

Speaking about the growth in the use of multi-channel marketing as one of the key trends of the near future, it should be noted that the price aggregator provides the owner of an online store benefits such as:

  • the ability to begin sales immediately;
  • contact with “hot” customers — deliberately seeking a product to purchase;
  • the relatively low cost to attract buyers;
  • good channel for advertising goods with a small margin;
  • source of traffic with a high conversion rate;
  • to start you need a minimum budget and do not need to hire an employee in the state.

The best efficiency of price-aggregators show for those product groups, which are characterized by “logical” choice, i.e., selection based on certain criteria. Traditionally, these include digital and consumer electronics, computers and peripherals, photographic equipment, etc However, Sladana is sold, for example, women’s clothing, shoes and accessories — which is nice for the portal, but a little surprising, knowing the “spontaneity” of women in their purchases.

More than enough arguments to start using this tool to grow your business, isn’t it? You will be able to attract new customers, and the strategy and the results are measurable and transparent.

Why it is worth to stay

  • price aggregators untwist your online shopping;
  • better the ordered goods and the search for them;
  • a visitor comes to your website with a specific purpose — to buy some goods;
  • a motivated visitor is already interested in buying, and the ground helps determine the best offer.

This is a great solution to attract customers. The main audience of such resources — people willing to buy.

To work with price aggregators do not need to be a technical specialist: all work can be carried out by existing staff or the owner of the online store.