The post office does not need a post office on Khreshchatyk

Укрпочте не нужен Главпочтамт на Крещатике

The post office does not need a large building for the main office

The building can be sold to build a hotel there, the head of “Ukrposhta”. The same applies to other company offices in regional centers.

CEO of Russian post Igor Smelyansky offers to sell the main post office on Khreshchatyk in Kyiv near the hotel. He stated this on Thursday, may 16, at the presentation of the annual report of “Ukrposhta”, according to UKRINFORM.

“The post office we do not need. Why sit the whole post, including the head office, in the center of Kiev? I believe that in the center of Kiev such a wonderful building can be much better adapted to the needs of the residents and the city itself. It is possible to build a hotel, for example,” said Smelyansky.

He noted that if the state will allow, the company will sell the historic building and moving to smaller premises in another district of the capital.

Smelyansky has noticed that the same applies to other offices of “Ukrposhta” in regional centers.

Smelyanskiy previously let slip that he has dual citizenship. The official in addition to Ukrainian, has a passport of the United States.

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