The POWERstick vacuum cleaner PRO: powerful, comfortable, clean

Пылесос POWERstick PRO: мощно, удобно, чисто

Cleaning the house is not the most fun, which may come up at your leisure. You can teach all household members not to throw things across the room, do not forget to wash the dishes and to dine only in the kitchen.

But, unfortunately, all this does not help to get rid of annoying dust that surrounds us on all sides. She lurks behind cabinets, under sofas, in carpets and in other hard-to-reach areas of the apartment. Dust can cause severe allergic reactions and give a lot of trouble man. But now all troubles of this kind can easily help to remove a powerful new handheld vacuum cleaner POWERstick PRO from SAMSUNG with a special hypoallergenic HEPA filter 13!


POWERstick PRO from SAMSUNG has a suction power of 150 W and is one of the most powerful hand held vacuum cleaners in the world. To appreciate its power, it is enough to imagine with what force spins the air in the funnel of a tornado. Only the rotor digital inverter motor of this vacuum cleaner is spinning even faster! (The engine, incidentally, is warranted 10 years from the manufacturer). Such power is very useful when cleaning any carpet. Carpet generally is the main collection of hair, pet hair, and other various debris. Here come to the aid of one of the nozzles, which is included in the kit – Turbo Action brush. Its special design will carefully clean every carpet as the bristles penetrate deep into the pile, visibly removing the smallest particles of dust and debris. With the same power of the cleaner will gently clean all the trash from any other floor coverings, furniture or textile items flat.

Пылесос POWERstick PRO: мощно, удобно, чисто




If you are tired of always cling through wire cleaner and look for extension cords to reach all the corners of the room, POWERstick PRO is a real godsend for comfortable cleaning. No cords and wires, because it runs on powerful battery 32.4 V, charge which is enough for 40 minutes of continuous operation.

To recharge the vacuum cleaner the set includes charging station, which for convenience is attached to the wall. It can help to make energy POWERstick PRO without breaking it at all.


Finally, you can forget about the times when we had difficult to lug around a bulky vacuum cleaner throughout the apartment. POWERstick PRO is comfortable to hold with one hand and penetrate into the most inaccessible places of the interior. Its sleek design helps to clean and wall cupboard and under the sofa, and thanks to low weight less than 3 kg, it is convenient to vacuum even the ceiling. Because of this, there is no problem to move it to another room, apartment or the city.

Deserves special attention and flexible arm. You only click on the special button and to the functionality of the vacuum cleaner added more maneuverability, and the load on the brush and back is significantly reduced. All the small parts cleaner is very smoothly connected to each other, so to collect it under force even to the child. On the whole, the process of cleaning can turn into a fun family game, because the handle is reminiscent of the futuristic weapons of the future, so imagination is where carousing.

You can not say about dust. Its only location is a dust collector that can be cleaned in just a few seconds thanks to the technology EZClean. To do this, simply remove the container from the handle, pour the contents in a garbage bag and just as easily return to the place.

Пылесос POWERstick PRO: мощно, удобно, чисто



Furthermore, the slim and stylish design POWERstick PRO allows a cleaner fit in the most downtrodden pantry and to decorate any corner of the house, while not breaking the harmony of your interior.