The President of Austria was the son of immigrants from Russia

Президентом Австрии стал сын эмигрантов из России

Alexander van der Bellen ahead of the radical and sympathetic to Putin Hofer.

Election of the President of Austria won the son of Russian immigrants, an independent candidate, the former leader of the green party Alexander van der Bellen, said Osterreich24.

Father van der Bellen, a native of Pskov, went to Estonia after the October revolution, where he met the future mother of the current candidate for the presidency of Austria. After the annexation of Estonia by the Soviet Union in 1940 van der Bellini emigrated to Austria. And there was born the new President of the country.

Voter turnout in Austria was 72.7%.

Rival van der Bellen – right radical politician Norbert Hofer conceded defeat in the election. With the victory Hofer Austria could become the first country in the European Union, the President of which adheres to nationalist and far-right views.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko congratulated Alexander van der Bellen with a victory.

“I congratulate the newly elected President of Austria Alexander van der Bellen’s victory in the elections”, – he wrote in Twitter.

Austria is a Federal state, whose head is the President, but the Executive power is centralized in the hands of the Prime Minister. The President of Austria is elected for a term of 6 years.

Earlier it was reported that the presidential elections in Austria did not reveal the leader of the race.

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