The President of Germany urged not to succumb to hatred because of the terrorist attacks in Berlin

Президент Германии призвал не поддаваться ненависти из-за терактов в Берлине

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany urged citizens not to succumb to the feeling of hatred and fear due to the terrorist attack in Berlin at the Christmas fair. He said this in his Christmas address from the Bellevue Palace, reports “UKRINFORM”

“Many dead and wounded on the Christmas market in Berlin, frightened and deeply disturbed us. We came feelings of rage and anger, but also fear and helplessness,” said gauck.

However, he warned about the danger that these emotions do not become dominant and turn into a feeling of hatred and desire to respond to violence with force. Rage and anger can, in his words, to become a force to repel the hatred, violence and contempt for others. Then the society will remain a place of solidary understanding.

The head of state has called for unity in the face of common threats.

“Especially in times of terrorist attacks we should not deepen the cracks in our society, not indiscriminately to suspect certain groups or to shift the responsibility on politicians,” said gauck on the policy concerning refugees.

At the same time, he acknowledged that this policy should be discussed and improved.

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The President urged the Germans to be confident in their country. He assured that the government will do more to protect its citizens.

As reported, the evening of 19 December, a truck with Polish license plates drove to the Christmas fair, held in the city centre. Victims of a collision of a truck into a crowd of 12 people, 48 injured taken to hospital with injuries of varying severity.

23 December in Milan shot the main suspect in the attack – a citizen of Tunisia Anise Amri. He was stopped by police for verification of documents and opened fire, wounding a policeman. Then he himself was killed. This information have confirmed in the Ministry of interior of Italy.

24 December in Tunisia has arrested the nephew of the terrorist from Berlin and two other suspects.

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