The presidential veto: a proposal for the Formation

Вето президента: появились предложения по Пласту

Plast is not the only national scout organization in Ukraine, said the President

The President has not signed the law because of the inconsistency of some provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine.

On the website of the Verkhovna Rada the text of the proposals of President Vladimir Zelensky in the law on the state support of the scouting organization Plast, which he vetoed on Wednesday, September 4.

“Analysis of the content of the above provisions of law indicates the definition of Plast – national scout organization of Ukraine as the only scout in Ukraine public organization, principles of its functioning and provide it with state support. Meanwhile, according to the Unified state register of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and public associations are currently registered in Ukraine several scouting organizations”, – stated in the proposals to the law.

The President believes that the definition of the law of Formation as the only Ukrainian national scout organization, in fact, creates benefits and privileges for its operation and it receives state support, contrary to the principles enshrined in the Constitution, particularly the equality of associations before the law.

Zelensky also pointed out that the provisions of the law on the state support mechanisms of Formation are not consistent with part 2 of article 95 of the Constitution, according to which only law on the state budget identify any government spending on social needs. In addition, the law does not take into account laid down in the Budget code of the principle of independence of the budget system of the state on which the state budget and local budgets are independent in determining the directions of use of budgetary funds.

“Given the above, can not maintain the law of Ukraine On state recognition and support of Plast – national scout organization of Ukraine as proposed. At the same time, given the significant contribution of Ukrainian Plast (scout) movement in obtaining and formation of Ukrainian statehood, civil education and the national-Patriotic education of children and young people, offer to complete the act with the aim of defining the foundations of state support of development of Ukrainian Plast (scout) movement”, – stated in the President’s proposals.

As reported today Zelensky also vetoed the law on the punishment for pedophiles and the punishment for violations in the procurement of defence products.


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