The press center of the ATO congratulates Ukrainians on the New year: I Wish you strength and endurance

Пресс-центр АТО поздравляет украинцев с Новым годом: Желают силы и выдержки

The press center of the ATO congratulates Ukrainians on the New year. Greetings posted on the page of the press center in Facebook.

The speakers ATO wish Ukrainians endurance, strength of spirit and peace in our country next year.

“It is possible for someone to 2016 was a normal calendar year. But for warriors-patriots who are defending the Ukrainian state in the East is a new milestone in the history of the struggle for our freedom, for our independence, for our Holy Ukrainian land. Expires in 2016, which clearly demonstrated that the Armed forces of Ukraine received new combat abilities and learned a lot. Every day our soldiers are serving in the East of Ukraine to fulfill a dream of millions of Ukrainians from Sevastopol to Chernihiv, from Donetsk to Uzhgorod to live in a prosperous, United Ukraine. Deeply convinced that every warrior who came to the defense of the homeland, becomes a hero to his people. For life will save heartache for all the patriots who gave their lives for Ukraine,” – said in greeting.

Recall that the Ukrainian soldiers from the frontline to congratulate his compatriots on the New year morning.